Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wedding Website at FirstPhera = "Cool"

Seth Godin is my favorite blogger and there is seldom something he says that doesn't make you wonder "Why didn't I think of it before?". Although, chances are, you did think about it; just not as cleanly as he does.

In his latest post, Seth talks about how the brilliance of marketing is in associating your product with a desirable attribute, such as fun, respect, success, kindness or hope. That, the marketers do so all the time, is no surprise. All you need to do is look at the tag line all brands sport. Ex. Buying travel from Hotwire = "Smart", buying quizzes for your kids = "intellectual", Macdonalds = "fun".

To be clear, these associations are fabricated by the marketer, but they are vital; since it presents the product to the consumers in a language they understand. The genius of marketing is when these associations become "facts".

And perhaps no industry is more ripe with false "facts" than the Indian Wedding Industry.

Photography? Of course, we need a 1000 photos and a 12-hour video. Its "memorable"

Food? Oh Yeah... we need mexican, italian, punjabi, chinese and 16 different types of soups. It befits our "status"

Engagement Ring? Nothing smaller than a 1.5 carat diamond would do. I just "love" her so much...

Honeymoon? Has to be at least 5000 miles away, its "romantic"

The value of a wedding website is hard to convey, and it was clear the first time I talked to my dad about it. So we needed an abstract to associate ourselves with. The question was - what is it?

Wedding Website is a "smart" thing to do since it replaces invitations and saves money?

Wedding Website is a "fun" thing to do since you get to share stories and pictures almost like your wedding is already there.

Wedding Website is a "cool" thing to do since it's different and very few are doing it this way.

We opted for "cool". What do you think? Feel right?


Himani said...

i would associate a wedding website to "memories" rather than "cool" - for me the value is - i want to remember everything fresh and record all that my friends and family have to say forever, because, i want to live and relive these precious moments again and again when i am feeling sad...

neha said...

i'd like to differ, for 'memories' come as a by product of any wedding relate thingi... the abstract association should work as a trigger or 'craze' and should attract the target audience for call to action, so memories can be an underlined statement whereas 'smart choice'(or maybe smart n cool) can be the focus.