Saturday, July 22, 2006


If you are reading this blog, you are one of the distinguished (read: only) few who either mysteriously managed to stumble on this one or are more than nice to have accepted my invitation to read the Debut. Either way - thanks for stopping by!

With blog count as of July hitting 70 MM, another 70 million is due in the next 6 months, so here's my bit at trying to keep up the pace.

Now, to the more concrete stuff -

Well, like a few other billion people, i also think that the one thing i cannot live life without is the "broadband". Yes, i don't think cellphone cuts it; Tivo is not remotely in the picture, and myspace - i just don't understand. Personally, it is broadband that has managed to disrupt my life by creating a unsurmountable Attention Deficiency Disorder in me. Scores of blogs, news and scores have managed to victimize my brain and my focus beyond all repair.
This blog is my attempt at trying to focus on something

Don't know yet. I might write a post once a week. And it'd be on technology, strategy, life, criticism, whatever - depending on how much its raining outside. San Francisco has crappy unpredictable weather, so good luck predicting this space.

Stay posted!