Sunday, June 17, 2007

Apple's Safari for WIndows? Poor strategy

There are a few millions of us who believe that Steve Jobs can do no wrong. We think Apple connotes a quality, excellence and brilliance that no one else deserves. Much like Google can do no wrong and God can do no wrong (ok - this might be a bit too spiritual, but you get the point!), we think Apple can just not make anything half-ass. The Mac, the iPod and its billion variants there-of and the iPhone are all good examples of how much "trust" and "premium" we as consumers put on Apple

They why, pray why Steve, the hell did you release Safari for Windows? I do think it's a good thing and I'd love for Apple to provide me a way of not using IE - but such a lame-ass version? Is there one real reason in there that would make me change? Nope, sorry. Unsurprisingly, the bloggers responded scronfully (see here and here).

This might be a fuckin' screw-up. As consumers, we build trust in a brand that can never wrong me over a long period of time. By launching a lame-ass beta version of a browser, Apple is just telling me it is, afterall, mortal. It can do no better than Microsoft. All the credibility that it earned from me over time with its iPOD is slowly draining. Damn.. I feel robbed. Apple, Sony and Porsche are three brands I'd give my life for - now its just two of them.

Disclosure: This posting was done on Safari. My first and last one on it for a long time though...