Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Announcing FirstPhera.com

After many many months of scrambling, here it is - FirstPhera.com - easily the coolest wedding website creator for wedding couples. In addition to fabulous designs, we provide a very rich text editor, blogs, discussions, rsvp, task list and guest list functionality. All this for a very affordable price point of zero!

We named it FirstPhera to connote the idea that this is where weddings should start. With the popularity of matrimonial sites and the continuing abuse of wedding related names such as shaadi.com, saatphere.com, vivaaha.com and so on - we wanted the name to be somewhat tangential to it. Admittedly, many people still mistake us to be a matrimonial site - but then we have no brand equity, yet.

For those of you who are getting married, or even those who are already married - I encourage you to try it out. With free form pages, guest book, blog and photo albums, it is easily the richest personal website/blog solution out there. For inspiration, you can check Himani and mine at www.firstphera.com/himani_vikas
FirstPhera.com - you be the judge.

PS: We are in private beta. To get an invite code, just send us an email at feedback AT FirstPhera dot com