Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's your last name? 16D?

There's a lot of debate around the true battery life for the Macbook Air, but what surprises me is that 5 hours is supposedly the bare minimum battery life people expect from a notebook. Why? Because that's roughly what is needed for a coast to coast flight in the US.

Well, unless you actually live on the plane, why bother? Who wants a notebook up there anyway?

I travel a lot and see far more people sleeping, reading, listening to music or watching a movie than using a laptop. If a laptop was really that important - why don't we demand a shape that fits in the tiny tiny air space between you and the front seat back or a motion resitant keypad that lets you type in peace even where there's turbulence.

How silly would it be to judge a book positively only because it was exactly 150 pages thick making it just enough to fit in a 5-hour flight?

Its a stupid obsession which hopefully will become irrelevant once all airlines add power outlets to their seats. Then, I suppose, we'll debate which notebook offers short & thin aircraft friendly power chords.

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