Thursday, February 07, 2008

The world of logos

A few months before we launched, I was looking around to get the logo done for the website. Having no prior background whatsoever, I picked up a book Brand Gap - in the hope of teaching myself how to do a logo. And equipped with my new found knowledge, I asked the designer to "make me something" that has the following characteristics -

1) Must be exquisite - like a bride wants her wedding to be
2) Be imperfect - there should be something (invisibly) wrong with the logo, to invoke curiousness
3) Be different - yawn... everyone says that!
4) The brand name and the icon must be integrated, i.e. if my competitor swapped our icon into its brand name, it should look broken. Classic example - Apple
5) The icon must convey weddings
6) Keep it fluid. We'll never get it right the first time

Next, I gave her my personal favorites - '

And what emerged, thanks to her creative brilliance -

Curious, deep meaning and yet fluid. I could change the colors of the icon where ever I want. The stylized yellow element on the right part of the icon represents "f " and "p" - so it'd not fit anyone else and it also represents a "heart". Finally, the two faces on the left (yes, its two, not one :) - stands for a couple wedded together.

What do you think?

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