Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some excuses I have heard lately

- "Uncle fell sick, so had to visit him in the hospital"
- "One of our employees has met with an accident. But we'll definitely deliver by next week"
- "Sent you three emails, but never heard back from you"
- "The person who does this had to visit his village"
- "Have too much work come up. I promise this will be done by tomorrow"
- "Have a friend's wedding to go to"

Heard any lately?

In a country of more than a billion people, getting work done from people is still the most challenging task. What's wrong with us?


Priyapravas said...

how about:
'bairee preghnhent ché saheb. param dare deelivary ché. bey tran divas pachi karun to chalsé?'

Big V said...

Nice :)
Its better than "bairee ni maa pregnant chhe" (my wife's mom is pregnant)

Ravi Pathak said...

Hey these are nice ones ! I used to here this

"you didnt give me priority earlier and now I cant do this as it involve xx yy software/tools.