Friday, April 20, 2007

Just do it!

Do you wake up early in the weekdays than weekends? If you answered yes, you must hate your job! No excuses, just say yes! There is nothing wrong with hating your job. If it pays you well, there must be something wrong about it. Aren't all things good the ones where we have to spend? Be it food, fashion, females?

I always try and register the first word i say as soon as I wake up. If I am saying too much of "Oh Shit" - its time to quit. If I am not eager to wake up for my job - it must suck... I wonder what makes a job fun... Is it work? Is it people? Is it the culture? Its definitely not money. I say - its fun only if it makes you feel special - whether its the client, the boss, the work or the pay-check.

When was the last time you had trouble getting out of bed? Don't remember? Stay put!

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Sridhar said...


I have been reading Found-Read and in your blog now.

I must tell u, u hit right at the core.

I am also working on a start-up idea.