Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fools rush in

I could not help but laugh off the reaction by the hordes of dumb investors who were affected by the stock market blood bath in the last few days.

The news snippet below, cited by trak.in - is worth a chuckle :)
In Mumbai, a huge number of ambulances were pressed into service between brokers’ offices and nearby hospitals to reach persons complaining of chest pain or uneasiness. Doctors in hospitals across the city were hard-pressed to examine the increasing number of patients being brought in with chest complaints and related illnesses. The ICUs of almost all city hospitals were full. ECG machines in several hospitals reported to have failed as the volatile signals were too high to measure. According to unconfirmed reports, hospitals have placed orders for large number of new equipment to meet the massive demand. Fire fighters had a tough time in various parts of the city trying to bring down people from the terraces of high-rise buildings as they threatened to jump to their death having lost all their savings to the market crash.

In another news, there were heavy protests outside the finance minister's home with angry investors shouting slogans like "Chidambaram Murdabad" blaming him for the market crash

We blame the finance minister for a market crash, the umpires for a lost cricket match, the local policeman for a traffic jam. When don't we just own up our stupidity?

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